USSVI lost a good friend and shipmate when William (Bill) E Lee shipped out on his final patrol today, Dec 10, 2012.  Bill qualified in submarines aboard the USS Snook (SSN-592) in 1962, and also served aboard USS John Calhoun and USS Scorpion.  Bill was a MM2(SS) and ELT when he left the Navy. 

In the course of his involvement in USSVI, Bill was Base Commander of the Lockwood Internet Base, Base Commanders Group Commander, National Constitution and Bylaws Chairman, Member of numerous other bases (Tucson, Cyberspace, USS Marlin, Jefferson City), USSVI Online Submarine Memorial Manager, USSVI online Submarine School Class Photos manager.  He was very data savvy and was always willing to help a shipmate with PC problems.  He also worked with Tim VeArd and Pat Householder to improve the Decklog System, and maintained the USS Scorpion crew records in Decklog as well.

Most recently he was involved with the City of Omaha as Site Manager for Freedom Park (Military Museum) in Omaha, NE, the location of USS Marlin museum sub, and was actively involved in getting the sail of USS Omaha.

According to Mark Thompson of the USS Marlin base, he collapsed shortly after a meeting with the city concerning the erection of a memorial to the USS Omaha (SSN-692).  He passed away shortly afterwards.

As all of us know, Bill was very active in many capacities.  We knew him as a member of the Marlin Base and a key interface with the city parks department (primarily focused on Freedom Park), the local Boy Scout troops, and the USS Omaha memorial project.  He was also very active in the Lockwood Base and a true historian/preservationist.

As a former USS Scorpion crew member, he had a unique perspective that truly exemplified the phrase, "Pride Runs Deep".

He will be sorely missed.