age 78, left earth on Jan. 14, 2010, when his Supreme Commander called him for duty in Heaven. He was born in Starr, South Carolina, Nov. 9, 1931, the youngest of four brothers and three sisters. Through his mother's heritage he was a distant cousin of the Wright brothers. These folks have already departed. Harry leaves his wife, Dolores "Dodie", two sons, David and James "Jim", two granddaughters, Cassandra "Cassie", and Alyssa, and two great grandchildren, Hailey and Jax. When Harry's mother died he quit school and joined the Navy with his father's permission. He became part of the United States Occupation Forces in Japan at the end of World War II. He served on aircraft carriers before transferring to submarines. Of the 26 years he was in the Navy, Harry served 19 years in submarines. Part of his submarine career was receiving nuclear training by "the patriarch of the nuclear Navy," Admiral Hyman G. Rickover. Harry loved the Navy and submarines. He served in the Vietnam War and the Korean War. A heart attack at sea caused him to be assigned to shore duty as an instructor. Although Harry quit school to join the Navy, he continued to study. He not only got his high school diploma, but went on to earn a college degree. Harry left the Navy and went on to an interesting career working in research and development of lasers and became a Master Laser Technician. He approached everything head-on and was not satisfied with doing anything less than his best. Throughout his accomplishments he fought his heart problems and had a satisfying life in spite of it. He enjoyed making people happy. He loved his family, his friends, his pets, and his country. He liked to read and was interested in many things intellectual. He never overlooked trivia and enjoyed it with a great sense of humor. He enjoyed being a human being, but never forgot the Heavenly Father. There are no services being held. Harry's wish is being fulfilled. He loved the military service. He is going back to the Navy and out to sea. God has his spirit and the ocean will have his ashes.

Published in the Orlando Sentinel on Mar. 16, 2010