Lynn Miller ET1(SS) 1970 - 1973

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Then Clockwise from the front is Barry 8, Jacky 16,
Hank 17,me as if you couldn't tell who the 
old timer is, Jeff 19, Scott 13. Jeff is going in
the Navy next month, Hank is a college 
freshman, Jacky is a HS junior, Scott is 
a HS freshman, and Barry is in 3rd grade. 
All of them are doing great and are really 
great kids on top of it.
Joanne, Lynn, Stanley 9, Jomar 14,
Barry 19, Gracel 17
The Miller Family wishes all our family and friends the very best of the Holiday Season. And that 2012 will be better for every one in every way. To our many friends whom we have not been touch with lately, please know you have been thought of from time to time and there is no good excuse for not contacting you. It's been a very busy and complicated few years. But now that the family is all together here in Las Vegas and things have settled somewhat in our lives, we will endeavor to get better at communicating. Thank to our family for being there and to our friends for being the best.