Snook Picture Page 59
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(Submitted by Paul Hasley)

Last P.O.D. Paul Hasley on left

(Submitted by Ed Hergert)

Jim Payne, Sandy Eyler, Ed Hergert in Guam - 1973 Pettengill, Bastis, Goodwin, ?RamosA couple of chiefs
Might be ETC Knight and ?
BastisRamos, GoodwinRamos, Selby, Gray, ?, Templet
Ed Hergert e-enlisting Mare Island 1974 with CDR Cossey
Ed Hergert re-enlisting Mare Island 1974 with CDR CosseyKrudwig, Montgomery, Koehler, Neely, Hergert, Foos, Costa, ?
Mare Island ship yard 1974


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