The following "Quickies" were submitted by Gervase Rybak MM3(SS) and bring back a lot of memories. If
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* REMEMBER THE FIRST TIME YOU SET "CONDITION ZEBRA" in the torpedo room and didn't shut the bulkhead flapper first. Oh how fast the pressure builds up.

* The quote for a planesman "rise is rise, dive is dive, pull to rise, push to dive. (Chief Doyle, I still remember.)

* There are men working in the sail. Do not raise, lower, rotate, or radiate from any mast or antennas. There are men working in the sail.

* Sweeper, sweepers, man your brooms! Make a clean sweep forward and aft and all stairwells. (From the tender alongside.)

* Going on a patrol and having the top bunk and you did not have to jump into the bunk because of all the stores.

* HOGANS ALLEY, the tropical paradise.

* Port and starboard watch.

* The last week of a 55-day patrol, and the cooks messed up the peanut butter!

* The wonderful aroma in lower level after blowing sanitary #1.


* Sitting around for an hour or so with an OBA on during drills.

* The two guys, who took the plaque from COMSUBPAC quarter deck in Pearl.

* Those who had the privilege of unrigging the sailplanes and the few that did it at 15 knots!

* All the good meals the cooks made for us at sea and in port.


* Fresh milk, fresh vegetables, fresh anything after a long run.

* Hitting the mountaintop, when submerged in Puget Sound on sea trials, at 200 feet!

* Off the coast of San Diego, in ECM, watching TV on one of the oscilloscopes.

* Standing fire watch in the yards, while the yardbird welds a crack in the hull, mid ships, that goes almost completely around the sub.

* Going to sea with a hangover, and getting the first watch!

* Angles and dangles.

* The words we all like to hear - SURFACE! SURFACE! SURFACE!

* There are divers over the side. Do not blow any tanks, operate any underwater gear, or activate any active sonar. There are divers over the side. (Bob Pettengill)

* Getting tangled in a Russian fishing net off the coast of San Francisco. (Bob Pettengill)

* Flunking an ORSE and spending an entire WESPAC tied up to the pier in Guam (Bob Pettengill)

* Sending a diver over the side in Umak, Alaska to install a DC plug after someone had disposed of his jeans in the sanitaries preventing the inboard and outboard sanitary valves from shutting (after blowing sanitaries). (Bob Dacko)

* Spending a night on the surface during a tropical storm because the outboard TDU valve was stuck open - more than half the crew lost their lunch. (Bob Dacko)

* The odd feeling you get in the sail seconds after the five-gallon milk container slips out of your hands and plunges toward control. (Jeff LaCroix)

*There's air in the banks, shit in the tanks, and don't worry about the fire because the flooding will put it out. (Jimmie Dixon)

*(Passed on the 1MC) - REACTOR SCRAM, REACTOR SCRAM - Rig ship for reduced electrical (Bob Pettengill)

*Firing a green dye marker instead of a green combo (smoke/flare) during exercises on Unitas in 1980. (Andrew Askinas)

 *Emergency deep call when the Sonar techs mistake the carrier Nimitz for biologics and we come up close aboard in
 1982. (Andrew Askinas)

 *"EMERGENCY DEEP - SHUT TD-60!" (Andrew Askinas)

 *Steam generator musical tones after refurb goes awry and gets us welded to the pier for a month in 1982. (Andrew Askinas)

 *Flash message coming in after F-14's shoot down Libyan SU-22 Fitters during OOMEX '81 while we were on plane guard
 in Gulf of Sidra. (Andrew Askinas)

 *Premature destruction of important crypto in 1981, much to the dismay of CDR Lynch. (Andrew Askinas)

 *Skipper deciding to get underway without tugs in Groton using the outboard only while the current flips us around  and we hit the pier trying to straighten out. (Andrew Askinas)

*When returning home from UNITAS, we all talked about the band being in canary suits on the pier to meet us. No band met us, but the Radcon Team did.
(Mike LaRose)

*Meal times at PD in the North Atlantic!!! Hey, what is with the rubber fishnet on the tables??? (Harold Spiess)

*Hey, anybody know where the frog-log is? (Jim Baugh)

*Heads-up Disco-Engineer is aft! (Jim Baugh)

The following Quickies submitted by Steve Svenvold, TM2(SS) '67-'71
*Air in the banks, shit in the tanks, boat's afloat, and you're the goat. Don't worry about the fire, the flooding's puttin' it out.

*June of '69 in dry dock in Pearl Harbor. Air conditioning gone. It was so hot we were standing below decks watches in nothing but our skivvies.

*Ice in the torpedo room bilges on a northern run.

*Get those !#$%&! coffee cups off the loading structure!

*Food 3 cases deep on the torpedo room deck, wooden platforms built on the lower loading structure behind the Mk. 37s to store food. Food on the decks in the engine room. And why?

*Because of Spam, spam, and more spam prior to Subic coming from the sea of O, 58 days submerged. That's why. Yes, we ran out of O-2 as well.

*Hey Jack, the damper line-up for ventilation is not 1-2-1-1, if you please...

*Dink. Non-qual.

*Can radioactivity actually build up in the torpedo room (preventing departure) because some idiot brought his radium dial alarm clock on board? Absolutely.

*Sea store cigarettes for $2 a carton.

*Diving off the fairwater planes in Guam. Vomiting on the topside watch.

*Oops. Finding the forgotten bottle of scotch from Guam stashed at the forward end of the torpedo loading structure while the nose cone is off the Mk. 45 during the NTPI in Pearl Harbor. Placing your body between the scotch and the inspector's line of sight. Whew!

*Pinochle tournaments. Poker.

*Ooly for coffee. 12 guys in the torpedo room. Loser must get the coffee for the rest of the winners from the crew's dinette coffee machine only 15' away. Takes a half hour to determine the loser. Winners are ecstatic. Loser is humiliated.

*Gee-dunks. Woody made great sticky buns.

*First call, second call, third call. Soup-downs. Mid-rats.

*Pump the guh-doo, aye.

*Snook, Snook, arriving.

*Where's AHP 540 and what does it do? Go look it up. Name everything operated by 400# air in the torpedo room. Go look it up. Where does the Low Pressure Blower get it's power? Go look it up. Where is the manual stop for Negative Vent? Go look it up.

*From San Diego: Snorkel Patty

*From WestPac: "I love you, no shit. You buy me drink?"

*If the torpedo room underway watch fails to shut the bulkhead flapper before shutting the door to the crews mess when setting condition Bravo, a pressure builds up in the torpedo room and the door can't be opened until the pressure is equalized with Ops somehow. How is this done? Answer: The pressure must go through the torpedo room head drain pipe into sanitaries and vented out from there. Time to mouth-breathe for a while and hope nobody is taking a shower.