2001 Snook Reunion
Peoria, IL

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If you attended the reunion and would like to submit stories or pictures, contact Bob Pettengill at kb5rex@gmail.com to submit your information.

Needless to say the United States Submarine Veterans convention in Peoria was dampened by the event of Tuesday 11 September. The Snook reunion, which had an estimated attendance of 54 turned out 27, which, under the circumstances of the airline situation, etc was pretty good. Plus a couple of the guys had unexpected events such as a blood clot in the leg (Wonsley) occur which impacted their attempt to make the reunion.

Bob McMann (the 91 year old WWII Snook Vet) and his wife were there. I can only hope to be as chipper as he is at that age, if I even make it. What a guy...He had just left the WWII SubVets convention in St Louis and drove up to Peoria for this one. We presented him with the book "Final Dive" which is the story of the WWII Snook SS-279 and it's gallant and tragic career. Additionally we paid for his room and the luncheon (The Snook reunion fund is now broke).

The buffet that Bob Spide arranged was very good (my opinion) and the get-together at the AmVets during the afternoon gave everyone a chance to visit, exchange lies and take pictures. So all-in-all I think the reunion
was a success, even with the cloud of the 11th hanging over us.

I left the next morning and drove home as did quite a few others. However the following took place and just in case you are not aware I'm passing on the significant events of the convention.

1. Admiral Koentzni (Ex-SUBPAC) was the scheduled speaker, but for obvious reasons he couldn't make it so
     retired Capt John Peters took his place.
2. Jack Ensminger is still National Commander, but John Peters moved up to Senior Vice Commander and
     Bud Berg (Bremerton) is the new National Jr. Vice Commander. Jim Strassels of Phoenix is the new
3. Next years convention will be held in Duluth Minn followed by Reno Nevada in 2003 in conjunction with
    WWIISubvets. 2004 is still open with Lake Placid New York and Groton both being asked to resubmit bids at
    next years convention. 2005 will be in Kansas City, possibly in conjunction with WWIISubVets also.

Insofar as the next Snook reunion, it was undecided as to where or when, but I would suspect Reno in 2003 will be a good candidate.

A few asked where they could purchase the book "Final Dive" by Rick Cline.
Send your request to:
R. A. Cline Publishing
650 N. Rose Dr. #208
Placentia, CA. 92870

His website is: www.Submarinebooks.com

Cost of the book is $19.95 plus 3 bucks shipping and if you are a California resident add $1.50 tax

That's about it...any questions, send me some e-mail.
Jack Hester

Bob Spide had several copies of the following picture that he was offering for sale. The price was $10.00 but unfortunately Bob is on Eternal Patrol and you can no longer get a copy.

Bob Baker Plankowner  
Tex Bishop 61 - 66 Roxie
Bill Brigham Plankowner  
Jerry Brookman    
Paul Craig 71 - 75  
Ed Finan    
Warren Forrest 63 - 65 Gail
Charles Harvey Plankowner Gayle
Jack Hester Plankowner  
Ed Kuehl 72 - 75  
Harry Landers Plankowner Lavonne
Gary Lester Plankowner Annette
Bob Pettengill 72 - 76 Diana
Bob Spide Plankowner  
Norm Wibel    

And Honored Guest, WWII Snook Submariner Robert Mc Mann and Mrs. McMann. Plus ten wives, six of whose names are listed above. Twenty seven attended the Luncheon - the most we have had in the 3 reunions (Mobile, Reno, and Peoria.)