Robert (Bob) Pettengill ETR2(SS) 1972 - 1976
2002 - Bob in his "cubbyhole" 
where this web site originated.

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Bob and wife Diana on
new "toy" - a Hunter 310
sailboat, 6/04
Bob and Diana enjoying
a good sailing day, 6/04
"Sunkist" in its slip at 
Cedar Mills Marina, Lake
Texoma, Texas

Bob and Diana - May, 2008


Work :
Left Snook and the Navy in July of 1976 and went to work for a TV repair shop in Omaha, Nebraska. In 1977 I hired on with the Federal Aviation Administration as a NAVAIDS technician at the airport in Dubuque, Iowa, maintaining the VOR/TACAN and communications equipment. In 1978 I transferred to the airport at Waterloo, Iowa for a promotion and a chance to get back into radar as a radar tech. After a year in Waterloo I managed to make my escape and transferred to the FAA Academy in Oklahoma City in 1979 to become an Electronics Technician Instructor teaching a system called ARTS IIE to technicians and engineers from about 136 airports around the country. This is an Automated Radar Terminal System that gives the controllers the alphanumeric presentations on their radar displays, making it safer fo all of us to fly. I liked teaching so well I stayed at it for 27+ years until I was able to retire from the FAA on June 30, 2007, just after I turned 55. Retirement is GREAT so far!!

Family :
Wife, Diana, and I got married in 1973 while I was on Snook. We have been married 34 years and still going.

Son, James finished college with a degree in horticulture/landscaping at Oklahoma State University OKC campus.

Interesting Events :
In the summer of 1998 I had the chance to spend 7 weeks in Nassau, Bahamas (at the Bahamian Government's expense) teaching an abbreviated ARTS IIA course to 4 of their electronics technicians/engineers. It was a delightful experience and one I will always remember.

Hobbies and Interests :
I have been involved with several hobbies over the years. My most recent passion is sailing. We owned a 26' MacGregor sailboat that we kept slipped on Lake Hefner in Oklahoma City for the past ten years. We recently (6/04) traded the MacGregor for a 1998 Hunter 310 31' sailboat that we keep at Cedar Mills Marina on Lake Texoma on the Oklahoma/Texas border (Red River.) My dream is to retire from the FAA and buy a 40' sailboat to sail the South Pacific. Now if I could just convince Diana.......

I am also an avid ham radio operator (KB5REX) active mostly on HF operating PSK-31, CW, RTTY, and SSB. I have also dabbled with 2M packet.

Other hobbies include woodworking, house building, astronomy, photography, and web page design. I started the Snook web page around October, 1998 and in that time it has grown immensely, thanks to all my fellow shipmates who have so generously offered their input through stories and pictures.