Snook Wives
This is a list of the wives that supported us during our tour on Snook. If you were married while on Snook and your wife's name is not listed here, please let me know so she can be added to the list. I know there were many more than what is here so I hope the list will grow. I strongly feel they deserve some much needed credit for putting up with all we had to go through as a crew and a family.

Bishop Roxie Merton (Tex) 61 - 66
Colden Nancy Kevin 69 - 70
Compton Dee Don
Cossey Beth Jim 10/72-5/76
Demars Margaret Bruce
Driesenga Jill Dan 8/73 - 6/77
Farrior Peggy Edward 6/83 - 10/86
Fletcher Susan David* 10/60-1/63
Forneris Imogene Frank (COB) 2/76-5/79
Harvey Gayle Charles (Harv)* 1/61-6/62
Hussey Nancy Ted (CO) 69 - 72
Keane Betty Michael* 10/60-12/62
Kelly Klara Dennis 6/71-4/73
Landers LaVonne Harry* 10/60-10/62
Leseman Ginny Bruce 7/68-7/71
Marsh Pamela Jim (Red) 12/65-3/68
Mary Charlotte Arthur 10/81-4/84
O'Byrne Penny Michael 5/66-3/67
Orzalli Dale John C. 4/80-5/83
Percy Sandra David* 61 - 64
Pettengill Diana Bob 2/72-7/76
Richey Sharon Truman 82 - 86
Robinson Linda Bill 10/74-10/75
Stober Lou Jeff 74 - 78
Shaw Norma Terry 66 - 67
Taylor Linda Richard 9/67-8/70
Tubo Sandra Dennis 4/72-11/75
Vaughn Alice Jerry 10/72-2/76
Weeks Illa James 9/76-8/78
Williams Barbara Gene 6/63-4/66